Monday, September 20, 2010

My "official" 5k results - LOL

Here is information copied from the "official" race results:

Note: A large group of runners took an 'alternate' route on this course. If you passed the 1 mile timer you were on the official course, if you took the 'over the bridge' route you ran a slightly shorter route.

Place Name /City/ Bib No/ Age /Age Group /Time Pace

153 Anna M*******/ Bloomington IL /8757 /68 /9 F 50-99 /38:26.1 12:21/M

My a 5k sure ages you. It says I am 68 years old! Of course the first glaring error is that my name is not "Anna"!!! Oh, and by the way I don't live in Bloomington either. (My bib # was 8757, and my name and age were correctly marked on my bib.)

So who is 68 y/o Anna M? Well - follow this- she would be my husband's uncle's ex-wife. As far as I know she was not at the race. She may have some time in the past done a 5k, been in the results company's computer, and someone clicked the wrong M******. Whatever...

It says my time was 38:26, I thought I was a little less than that. The guy I finished 2 steps ahead of finished 2 seconds sooner. But his manual bib # enterer might have been a bit faster than mine. (There were 2 people furiously punching buttons into little boxes at the finish line. My gal looked pretty overwhelmed, although no one had crossed just ahead of me.)

I placed 153 out of 172, but as noted a large number of people ran about 2/10's of a mile less than I did - so who knows. I actually placed 8/12 in my age group.

I am glad I am not competitive. I can just laugh at all the messed-up-ness.


  1. That is incredibly frustrating!!'s good to major on the majors and not sweat the small stuff. I "always" time my own runs so I know exactly how far I've gone and in what time. Of course, when I get to the finish, I also "always" forget to hit the stop button until after I've had some water!! You should contact the race director and see if you can't get it changed. :D

  2. That is funny. I ran a race over memorial day. and had no idea how they timed all us (I actually didn't even think the race was timed), but hey I will take the time that they posted.
    Congrats on the 5K!!

    You will reach your goal of 6miles by Thanksgiving. I am still a fairly new runner by some standards- I didn't start running until Feb 08, and now I will be completing my 2nd marathon next weekend (Chicago). Just believe in yourself and take each day one step at a time!!!