Saturday, August 14, 2010

Goal met!!!!

I ran 2 miles straight today! Actually I ran farther than that (2.25m) as I ran for a total of 30 minutes!

Yesterday I finished my new runner training. It was so great to go out and just run today. I did want to run 30 minutes so I set my timer when I started running. But my goal was to run 2 miles or more so I was running "to" somewhere instead of just for an amount of time. Granted my running to somewhere ended up being where I started from. But instead of checking my watch to make sure to take my required walk break, I was only occasionally looking at my watch to check my pace. So much fun to move from "how much longer before I have to walk?" to "how far/fast am I running?" I feel like a real runner!

When I started this "I'm going to get healthy" journey on June 14th, I never imagined that on August 14th I would be running more than 2 miles. I feel like I have given myself this wonderful gift. Actually, I feel that God has given me a wonderful gift. I never before kept up w/ exercise consistently for 2 months in my life (I don't think I ever even pulled off 1 month.) But I never found something I enjoyed as much as running before either, something that adds to my identity. Although part of me wants to qualify it - "I am slow", "I am new", "I don't go very far" - I realize those things don't matter because they are relative and/or temporary. Instead I am now delighted to say with conviction:

I am a runner.

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  1. YES YOU ARE!!!!

    I can remember the day I boldly proclaimed the very same thing. Congratulations. I still have that same feeling when I go out and tackle a run. I'm so proud of you for sticking with your training plan. You've done the best thing you could do--go slow and steady and not increase either pace or distance too fast.

    You will continue to make progress. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!!