Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sorry I have been gone/ Quick life recap

Since I actually had followers I really feel like I should apologize for suddenly dropping off the face the earth for several months.  Life got in the way of both consistent running and blogging. Yet, I still feel badly about not saying, "by the way I am taking a break for a bit." Also, I can see now how the blogging helped w/ the consistent running part.
So, I am back.

Here is a quick recap since my last post in October:
  • October - End of October I had a flare up of an old SI injury and had to stop running for 2 weeks.  I was somewhat demoralized as I had just joined one of tall mom's challenges. Didn't feel inspired to blog at the time. Then some biggish "possibilities" came up in our life and I didn't have the time or focus to blog.
  • November - got back to running. Ran 5.5 miles the Saturday before thanksgiving.  Hoping to run six miles with my brother over the holiday.  But nasty weather, and sickness cut that to about 3 miles. 
  • December - Winter decided to set in early.  Not much time for running in the holiday busyness.
  • January/February - Lots of snow. With no sidewalks, snow and ice covered roads w/ 3 to 4 foot walls of snow along the side - I decided it just wasn't a safe place to run. Especially in the dark early am, as during tax season that is my only option most days. I did some interval work on the treadmill sporadically. I did some weight training sporadically.
  • Last wk of February - the weather started clearing, and I had gained 2 lbs since November. As I started flirting w/ 170lbs I decided I needed to get back to running. I was delighted that I could still run 2 miles!
  • March - I was not impressed that after 2 weeks back to running I had gained 4 lbs!! Went to bed frustrated, only to wake up just after midnight in horrible abdominal pain followed by trips to the bathroom that left me shaking on the floor. Found out the 4 lb weight gain was an ovarian cyst, and the cyst ruptured in the night.  Spent several days on vicodin. Took 2 weeks off running.  
  • April - I resumed running sporadically by the end of March. But with 2 weeks until my 37th birthday I was determined to lose the 5 lbs I needed to officially be at a healthy BMI.  When I weighed myself in on April 14th I was 164 lbs. My official maximum healthy weight!  That is the first time in more than a decade I wasn't overweight.  Of course with 3 birthdays, Easter, and Mother's day in the next 2.5 weeks I gained back 3 of those 5 lbs.
  • May - my running was still somewhat sporadic. I decided I needed a plan and a goal like I had last year. I also encouraged myself that in May 2010 running wasn't even on my radar, and now I could run 2 miles (my very first goal) easily.  I knew my goal would be to do a 10k in September. For my plan I found a 8 week beginner and 8 week advanced beginner 10 training program.  With a few modifications I put them together to make a 15 week training plan.
  • June - weather again has been a factor. A week of frequent storms threw me off schedule. That week was followed by vacation (which I had planned to "take off") So this week I am back at it and back on track. 
I ran 3.54 miles this morning in 48 minutes. Not a fabulous time. But since this time last year I thought I would die running 6 minutes straight, I am reminded how far I have come.  

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  1. SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! OM-ruptured ovarian cyst??? That sounds TERRIBLE--only took you out 2 weeks?? Wow. It's always good to look back at where we WERE--helps put where we ARE in perspective! :D