Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5 miles!!!!!!

I ran 5 miles!!! I ran 5 miles!!!!!

Yesterday was a beautiful morning. Hubby wasn't leaving for work at any specific time, so I headed out around 6am. It was still dark, but there was a rosy glow on the eastern horizon. I felt pretty good. My long run goal for the week was 4.75. But I new 5 miles wouldn't be impossible since it would only be about a 10% increase over last weeks 4.5 miles. I like to get my long run in as early in the week as possible so I don't have to be pressured if things don't go well later on in the week.

My adrenaline got pumping a little bit when I saw a smashed pumpkin in the subdivision behind us. Then all down our road south of the subdivision I saw vandalized pumpkins. Many smashed right in the middle of the owners' driveways. I was so angry at the obnoxious brats that have fun at others expense, I wasn't surprised when my mile time was 12:40. However as I crossed the bridge and turned off our road the rest of the pumpkins were intact, and I calmed down. But I still was at about a 12:40 pace.

Our town is really small, I don't know if we even have 5 miles of roads. (The opposite corner of town is only a 1 mile run) I went about 3 miles snaking through town. I felt so good I decided to try for 5 miles, so I circled the "neighborhood" on the opposite corner of town until I was up to 4 miles. Then I just had to run home. I was amazed my pace was still about 12:45, but I knew the last quarter mile would be uphill so I didn't expect to keep it up. I was amazed at how good I felt at 4.75 miles. I had told myself I could walk then if I wanted, but I felt so good I decided to run faster.

I ran 5 miles. My time: 63:10!

That is a 12:38 pace! I kept that up for 5 miles!

My goal for October was 5 miles. I think I will "rest" next week. Meaning I won't try to add distance. But I will still be well on my way to my goal of 6 miles by Thanksgiving.

I never ever thought I could or ever would run 5 miles. Just WOW!


  1. Oh, Debbie!!! I'm dancing with joy over your accomplishment!!!! That's fantastic.

    I would highly recommend you plot a route as your miles increase so you aren't leaving it to chance, and you have a clear idea of what will get you X number of miles. I found as I increased, it became much harder to play it by ear. ((You can do this on mapmyrun.com, or I think there's even a google application that does this as well....or you could try going to GarminConnect.com, and look under "explore//activities"--if there has ever been a Garmin user in your area who shared their route, it would be there. I know you live in a small town, but it's worth a try anyway!))

    Very good choice to keep the same distance. You might even consider lowering the distance and trying to increase your pace a little bit (say 3 miles at 12:20...if you're feeling really strong after mile 2, drop it just a little more).

    You are doing SO GOOD!!!!! I am just so stinking proud of you I can't stand it!!!!!!!! It's hard enough to train when you have a big support group cheering you on, and who you meet for group runs...but training alone takes a very special kind of dedication. You are amazing and incredibly inspiring!!

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  2. I'm so impressed! That's a great pace!!!
    Perhaps my November goal should be to run 5 miles (I've been having some health/nutrition issues and I'm working to add mileage back up).

    I'm so sorry to hear about those poor pumpkins. I HATE when people break things that are others, especially decorations that are there to make the neighborhood prettier! :@

  3. Okay...where are you??? What are you doing these days?? It's been WAY TOO LONG since you've posted. Come on...write a post-your readers worry!! :D ((Hope you're doing well!))

  4. okay...Debbie...WHERE ARE YOU?????? It's been SIX MONTHS. Are you okay? What's going on with you?? I've been thinking about you and hope to hear from you-SOON!!! :D