Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 minutes!!!

Did my 10 minute intervals today!! I was sucking wind a bit after the first interval. I had to remind myself halfway through the 2nd interval that the second one is the toughest. After that I started to feel good, and I ran for 11 minutes in the 3rd interval.. I think I went about 3.4 miles in 44 minutes. (I need to break out hubby's GPS, then I could have a definite time and distance.) That put me at 12:56 per mile!!! Ok not amazing or anything, but for me, it is great to break 13 minutes. I even had to stop for about 20 seconds to fix my sock. (Note to self, wear socks that stick out above shoes...)

It is getting hard not to just keep running. I would really love to get out there and just run w/o walking. But, I realize that I have a training regimen for a reason. And I am going to stick to it. Besides running today was challenging, but definitely doable. And to think less than 3 weeks ago I was wondering how I could possibly do 6 minute intervals. Next week I get to run for 12 minutes, that might be a whole mile!


  1. A couple of things---
    Have you been PROPERLY fitted for shoes? This is VERY important-the most important thing you MUST do as a runner. You're whole body depends on your shoes. Don't just go to the mall and pick some out-go to a running specialty store (my preference if you have one nearby is Fleet Feet) where they should watch you run (video is best) and then properly measure and fit you with shoes, and inserts, to suit your gait. If they don't watch you run, go to another store. This is more about fit than looks or even what feels right-you're a new runner, you don't know yet what feels right. This is a must, even if you went and bought some new shoes already, if you didn't get properly fitted, you need to take them in to the store and see if they are right for you.

    2nd most important thing--as a woman runner, you MUST be properly fitted for a running bra (that is if you wear something more than bandaides as a bra!). Breast tissue is not muscle, it can be damaged from all that bouncing around. They aren't cheap, but again--it's a MUST HAVE. PERIOD.

    3rd most important thing-socks. NO COTTON SOCKS. The more miles you run, the more important moisture wicking socks become. Blisters, comfort, and bacteria. Cotton will stretch out as you run and create friction which will cause blisters. They also stay wet and are not only uncomfortable, but are breeding ground for bacteria.

    You're doing a great job...don't sabotage your efforts with improper gear. Especially shoes-serious injury can occur with improperly fitting shoes.

    ...SO smart of you to know the 2nd interval would be the hardest. I'm so proud of you-it's hard enough to embark on this journey with a group of supporters, but to be doing it solo--- Im.Pres.Sive!!! :D

  2. (so sorry to make a comment longer than the post!!)

  3. Thanks for the comments! We have a good running store here. (local place) After 4 weeks of running training, when I knew i would keep running, I went got fitted and bought good shoes. However I really need to figure out the bra thing. I have not been having any issues here, so I haven't done anything. I am a bit top-heavy, but i also tend to lose weight in my chest. Spent much of the last 3 yrs nursing (all done for now) I have been reluctant figuring my size may change. But I need to make the investment. I'll put "real" socks on my list for next time I am in town =) I love to buy socks anyway. Thank you so much for all your comments! I had already added your blog to my favorites list BTW.