Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A dog and a change of direction...

On Saturday I headed out for my run/walk. I was feeling pretty good, thinking I would do 11 minute intervals instead of the prescribed 10. I did my 5 minutes of warm up and then was 3 minutes into my first interval, when all the sudden a barking dog came running toward me. He stopped few feet from me. He did not want me running past his house. After a moment of sheer panic picturing bloody limbs, I calmed down and reflected that it wasn't worth trying to pass him, especially since I would have to pass back the same way. So I turned around and prayed that he wouldn't chase after me. As soon as I turned he stopped barking and sauntered back into his yard.

This kind of threw me. I hadn't mapped out where I would run heading south through town. I way underestimated my turn around time and had to run back past my home to finish my intervals, I turned around well before the dog's place though, which meant I had to go past my house again to cool down.

It was weird too, I had never seen this dog before. His apparent home is the next house after ours, but about 1/2 a mile away. We've drive past this house several times a week, and have never seen the dog since either. At first I thought he was a little vicious demon. I even cried a little as the adrenaline drained from my system and I felt shaken. Then I started to wonder. I had been considering running through town, but was too embarrassed. I had some concerns about the safety of running 2 miles in the country w/ only 2 houses, on a 55 mph road. I'd been saying it would be nice to have someone to run with, but never actually ran in a place where I might see someone else running. Makes me wonder if he was a little messenger dog, sent to make me turn around. Either way, now when I head out I am running south.

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  1. Too embarrassed? I know what that feels like. But, from what I've experienced here, the running community is the MOST encouraging group of people out there. And, just think of all the people you will very likely inspire to start running by being SEEN!! I'm so excited to have been able to come along side of you by way of this blog.