Friday, July 23, 2010

It is all so worth it

It is ridiculously hot and humid outside. We skipped a park day we had planned. But the girls wanted to play in the back yard for a bit. They wandered to the back of the yard, and suddenly I was inspired to run over to them. And I ran across the yard like it was nothing, w/ nary an extra breath. So I grab a couple balls and my 2 year old, Holly, and I played kick the ball around the yard. She had so much fun running back and forth with mommy, and Heather (1 year) had as much fun toddling around after us.

Five weeks ago I wouldn't have done that. If I had to run across the yard to rescue someone, it didn't kill me, but I would be a little puffed. And chase the ball was a game where I "directed" more than participated. I would throw the ball and the girls would do the chasing. But today, I played. I ran around and had fun, and didn't get tired or even slightly short of breath!

When I started this fitness journey I had a vague notion of it being beneficial for my family. Today I have a concrete example. I have never delighted in playing with my girls so much. Tomorrow when I run I have even more inspiration to keep going!

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  1. YEAH!! What's really cool is the example you are setting for them. Fitness, determination, health. What a gift you are giving them-not just your experience of being able to enjoy playing with them, but their experience of you!