Thursday, July 15, 2010

Up before the flowers

I actually got up before the flowers today to run/walk. Today my hubby had to leave just after 6am. Which meant in order to get my training in I had to be out the door by 5:20. I am yawning now just typing this.

At midnight and 3am, when my 1 y/o was fussing I thought there was no way I was going to be able to get up at 5:15. I had not set my alarm, I asked God to wake me up if he wanted me to do this. Well my clock said exactly 5:15 when Heather cried out again and fussed just long enough to wake me up. God provided a cute, though occasionally irritating, little alarm clock.

When I got out there I was glad I had to start so early today. It was oppressively humid, but since the sun was just starting to rise it wasn't too hot yet.

We have a lot of nice wildflowers along our country roadside. There is one that looks like lovely delicate white scalloped bowl when I am out running in the early morning sun. But today they were still curled up like little trumpets. I was awake before the flowers.

I think I went about 3 miles. I definitely went farther than Tuesday. It took 42 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down. Not a fabulous time, but good for me, and I can only get better right?

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  1. Getting caught up so I'll post my comments as if they post happened today!

    I think God appreciates our efforts at being good stewards of the temple he's given us (our bodies) so He provides an alarm clock, beautiful scenery, and even a soundtrack if we chose to listen.

    42 minutes is a GREAT time. Keep up the good work!